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Pollution Control at Sydenhams

If you have a property that doesn’t run on the main sewer line then you may need to look for another form of sewage treatment.

We deal with a company called Titan Pollution control that deals in a variety of sewage treatment and water harvesting plants. Titan offer expertise through there sales department and an area sales manager that will come to site and offer his expert advise on what would be required to do the job.

The Biotec range uses an aerobic biological process for purifying sewage and waste water. This can come in a standard or high level nitrification plant and in various sizes depending on the number of people that are using it.

They are ideal for a housing estate, small business and many others.

  • Coarse solids are filtered and retained for gradual breakdown
  • The resulting liquid is continuously distributed over a plastic suspended filter by an integral lift, powered by a remotely sited blower.
  • The solids are allowed to settle and under normal domestic conditions treated water of 20mg/l BOD, 30mg/l S.S, 20mg/l Ammonia can be achieved.


A. Blower
B. Distributor 
C. Inlet
D. Media
E. Outlet
F. Air Lift
G. Primary Zone

The Septic tanks are mainly used for domestic dwellings providing sewage disposal supplied in three different sizes depending on the number of people its for.

Septic Tank

 Number of People assuming
a flow of Litres  180L/head/day
 2800  4
 3800  10
 4600  14
Titan also supply many other products such as Grease traps, Rainwater harvesters, Pump stations and many other so for more advise please ask in store.